Psychic Bella's Spiritual Healing


Get to know Bella
 "I have been gifted with my spiritual abilities since a young age."
" I have seen, met and helped people from all walks of life."
Bella is a New York native, with over 15 year’s experience. Bella discovered her gift at the young age of 7. “I was just kid experiencing all of these unexplainable feelings" With the help of her grandmother,  Bella learned to understand and take control of this new found gift.  “I always kind of knew I would have the gift, but I didn't know what to expect." Throughout Bella's teenage years she started reading as much as she could to have to best understanding of her gift as possible. “It was at the age of 15 or 16 that I decided I wanted to dedicate my life to helping people, and use my gift only for good."
By the age of 19 Bella started traveling to meet new people and explore her gift further. "I have met all kinds of people, from all walks of life." Now Bella uses her gift to help people grow mentally, physically and spiritually. Bella's readings and services she provides are done in her home. "A home is the most comfortable places, and when my clients and I are comfortable that is when I have experienced the most accurate readings." Bella has dedicated herself to making anyone’s spiritual journey a peaceful and joyful experience.
"I love meeting new people. Meeting and talking to new people helps a person grow spiritually and mentally. You never know how someone else's experiences, views and options can help open your own outlook on life"
Bella also offers readings for private and corporate events including bridal showers, holiday parties, girls night out and more. Bella can add a fun twist to all gatherings.
"I love helping people find love and keep love, whether its self-love, love in a relationship, love in a career or love within a family. Seeing a person truly experiencing love is the greatest gift, and a true blessing."